*** PLEASE NOTE: We found an issue that prevents some devices to connect to the cloud. To fix this, those devices MUST be updated manually with the instructions below ***

How to check if your router needs an update:

On the touchscreen tap ‘settings’ and make sure your router shows CA1-R064 (our latest firmware)

If it shows CA1-R060 please follow the one time manual update instructions below even if the router shows as up to date.

Auto Update:

If your router shows CA1-R062 or later you can just click the “Update” icon. The new software will automatically download and install.

Manual Update:

If you router shows CA1-R060 you’ll need to update it manually (just this once) using the WEB UI.

1. Download the newest firmware available

Download Latest Firmware

2. Connect your computer or laptop via wifi or cable to the HomeScreen network.

3. On your router, tap on Status and verify the IP address of your HomeScreen router. Usually it will be

4. Type the IP address in a new window on your web browser (like you would for any website).

5. You will be prompted to enter the username and password, which you can view under Status –> Web Admin.

6. You will now be at the Web UI admin page. Click on Software option.

On the Software page you will need to do the following:

  1. Click on “Choose File” and navigate to where you have saved the latest firmware version.
  2. Select the file and choose “Open”. The “Update Software” field will now be populated
  3. Click “Apply”

It will take about a minute for the firmware to update, and your router will restart.

If you have any issue or need help with this process please contact our superstars at support here: http://homescreenrouter.com/support/